Lou Gehrig's Disease

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Lou Gehrig's Disease

Lou Gehrig's Disease(ALS)


Lou Gehrig's disease is a disease that shuts down your body. It shuts down your nervous system so you're not able to move your muscles anymore. It's like your paralyzed. The brain stops sending impulses through your spinal cord and the nerves die out.

This disease affects the Nervous system. The brain is unable to send impulses through your spinal cord so it can't tell your arms or legs what to do. So your unable to move them around. The nerves start to get smaller and weaker and can't tell your body what to do. After a while everything begins to shut down and the things you need to live start not working and that's how you end up dying from this disease

The Nervous System



ALS can effect anyone this disease isn't just for pets, or African Americans it can effect everyone. But this disease primary victims are white middle aged men. 5,600 is about the number of people affected per year in the United States. 30,000 in all have it around the same time. 60% of those people are men, and 93% are Caucasian.

-Muscle Weaknss-Bad coordination-Loss of Muscle-Speach Problems-Muscle Spasms-Drooling-Weight Loss-Hard to breathe




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