Lost in the war by: Nancy Antle

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Lost in the war by: Nancy Antle

Lost in the War by Nancy Antle takes in Lisa’s school, her house, and in the park in New Haven, Connecticut and the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C in the year of 1982.


Author: Nancy Antle

Ever since her father died in Vietnam her mother has nightmares and cries and yells “Robert, Robert” in her sleep.Lisa thinks that the new Social Studies topic is the best of the whole year but then Mr. Cooke says “Class are next Topic will be Vietnam”, and right after Lisa yells “That’s not fair”. So and the end of class Lisa asks if she can be excused from the topic. So Mr. Cooke says fine if you can answer these questions correctly, but she doesn’t and she has to take the classes. So special guest come in and he is a Vietnam vet, his name is Mr. Parker and he meets Lisa’s mom and they cry and have a long hug. There is a fall dance and Lisa decides to go. At the dance her crush Joe Hansen dances a slow dance with her, but then Mr. Parker tells Lisa still has not come back from her walk in the park. So Lisa goes with Mr. Parker to find her mom and they found her with a broken leg on a trail deep in the woods. At the end, Lisa, Jenny, Lisa’s mom, Aunt Rose, Mr. Parker, and Mr. Cooke go to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C and see Lisa’s dad’s name on the wall.


The main character in Lost in the War by Nancy Antle is Lisa Grey. She is a 12 year old girl that attends school. She is secretly loved by some of the boys in her grade including her crush Joe Hansen who looks more like an18 year old. She is caring, Strong, and smart. She has a sister Jenny and 2 friends Josh and Heather.

Main Character

Title: Lost In The War

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By:Bobby Sherman

Her father died in Vietnam but her mom survived. Lisa must help her and her family over come the death of her father.

The Character's Conflict



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