Lost Colony of Roanoke

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Lost Colony of Roanoke

The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Roanoke Timeline:

1584: Queen Elizabeth I grants Sir Walter Raleigh permission to colonize America. Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlow, exploring on behalf of Raleigh, return to England descriptions of Roanoak Island (in what is now North Carolina). Raleigh decides to send out a colonizing expedition under Sir Richard Grenville and Sir Ralph Lane.

1585: After sailing across the Atlantic one hundred householders found the first British colony at Roanoake. They depend on local Native Americans for food, the colonialists fail to thrive. and returned to England a year later.

1587: Raleigh sends out another group, under John White. 117 people try again to form a colony in Roanoake.In August White returns to England to get more provisions.

1590: White returns to Roanoake,The colonists are gone, leaving their empty houses behind them.The only hint of what might have happened to them are the letters CROATOAN are carved in a tree trunk.Had the settlers moved to Croatoan Island? Had they joined the Croatoan Native Americans? The lost colonist are never found.



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