lost and found

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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lost and found

Activity:Like the penguin and the boy, you often have friends that are very different to you. With a friend say five things that describe you, e.g. funny, sporty, tall. Then compare them. Why are you different but are good friends?If you have more advanced children in the classroom, you'd introduce the term Adjectives, instead of discribing words. The teacher can then discuss differences, and peoples strengths and weaknesses.Aim: The aim is to discuss friendship and how differences aren't a negative thing, that we are all indivdual. And that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

Lost and Found

"Strengths, weaknesses and differences."

AusVels Foundation level


1) Identify some features of texts, including events and characters and retell events for a text.2) Texts that are similar and different to own experiences3) One or more sentences per page4) Imaginary characters5)Simple and complex sentences6) Familiar vocabulary7) Strongly supported by pictures



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