[2015] Michael M (6th Earth Science 2015): Loss of Biodiversity

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[2015] Michael M (6th Earth Science 2015): Loss of Biodiversity

Loss of Biodiversity

What is Biodiversity?•Biodiversity is the variety of life in the whole entire world. •Biodiversity is important because it boosts ecosystem productivity. •This means that Biodiversity improves ecosystem productivity. •Production refers to the generation of biomass in an ecosystem.•Biomass is the total weight of organisms in one area.

What animals/plants are being affected by loss of biodiversity in San Diego?•San Diego Horned Lizard •California Gnatcatcher•Sage Sparrow •Little Pocket Mouse•Orange-throated whiptail lizard•Southern sea otter•Western snowy plover•Bald eagle•Otay tarplant•Encinitas baccharis•Peirson's milk-vetch•San Diego thornmint

How are animals reacting to the loss of biodiversity?*Migrate*Species are going extinct How the animals react to the loss of biodiversity is very important. If one species goes extinct, it completely changes the food web because more animals are feeding off the same thing now, which makes that animal go extinct faster. Animal's reaction to the loss of biodiversity affects a lot.

Comparison of World before/after the loss of biodiversity:(Sumatra island- Indonesia)


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