Losing to Win

by TKosaka511
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Losing to Win

Competition &

Sports used to be fun. School used to be a privilege. Now, school is no longer enjoyable and sports are all about winning. Intense competition and sky high expectations have changed the lives of adolescents. Good or Bad?

High expectations and competition benefit today’s society in many ways, though the focus on competition and success, especially in sports and academics, often affects today’s younger generation in negative ways

Good That Comes From Competition:-The Olympics-Sports and competitions fuel the entertainment industry-Atheletes achieve more than was ever thought possible-Students work harder for their futures


Tia Kosaka

More Good Things:-Businesses and inventors provide higher quality goods and services-Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, meaning better medicine and electronics.

Why is this an issue?Some say that too much is expected of kids and that excess pressure and competition leads to too many negative effects. Other say that more should be asked of adolescents to better compete with other countries and prepare the kids for their futures.

The negative side of competition and too-high expectations shows that society needs to rethink its values and priorities.

Bad Effects of Intense Competition & High Expectations:- Some athletes use harmful substances like steroids to gain an advantage on competition- Intense year round training increases chances of stress injuries- Continued playing of a sport after injury may lead to more harm

More Cons:-School and sports can be a stressful combination for kids- Dedication can take away from family & relaxing time- The pressure can affect any aspect of life, from sports to school to friends

3.5 million kids require medical attention from athletic injuries each year

Depression and/or anxiety affects 30% of students

Average Age For Kids to Stop Reading: 8


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