[2015] Sumedh Edavalluri: Loser

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[2015] Sumedh Edavalluri: Loser

BOOK: LoserBy: Jerry Spinelli

In this story by Jerry Spinelli, a kid, named Zinkoff, is a very different kind of kid. He has an upside down valve in his stomach which makes throwing up as common as sneezing. Zinkoff like to roam around the community, where he met a girl, about 3 years old. Her name was Claudia. She really like to play with Zinkoff. She could not go very far because she was on a leash. Zinkoff always wondered if she liked the leash, or wanted to run away from home, without the leash. One day, she ran away. It was a snowy day and Claudia was alone, so Zinkoff went out looking for her. He looked for 7 hours! But he couldn't find her. That was because she died. Claudia was found in someone's garage in the car.



The theme of this story is to keep calm when somebody is bullying you, like Zinkoff. Then that person will someday see what you are on the inside. For example, the people who bullied Zinkoff were his friends after Zinkoff's search for Claudia, Mainly because the know now how nice Zinkoff really is.


L In this story, the main character is Zinkoff, a kid who is very different from other kids, his 6 teachers, Gale Hobin, an athlete, Claudia, Zinkoff's parents, and Zinkoff's best friends Andrew Orwell and Hector Binns.

The setting of this story is at school, at home, and around the neighborhood.

I think you should read this book because it is a very mysterious book and you don't know what will happen next. It also teaches you many life lessons, like it is not what a person is on the outside, but it is what the person is on the inside.




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