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Lord Selkirk

Thomas Douglas was Born on the 20th of June in 1771 on St Mary’s Isle (near Kirkcudbright), Scotland.Douglas was teh seventh son of the 4th Earl of Selkirk. His 4 brothers died of yellow fever and tuberculosis in the Caribbean. he became the Earl at the age of 28. While he was still studying he was aware of the Irish Famine and the situation Ireland was in. Selkirk travelled extensively to Ireland to get first hand idea of the problem.The next decades of 1810 1820 he spent most of his time fighting in court against law suits from the RRC. Selkirk never saw the amalgamation of the HBC and NWC.


Selkirk was once studying to become a laywer, and had no intentions of inheriting the family estateSelkirk was a liberal democrat and worked closely with the poor scotish farmers.Selkirk never intended to become and Earl but was next in the family line


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Selkirk to Canadian identity

1810 - established settlement in Maritimes and Upper Canada1811 - HBC grants 300,000 square kilometers for Selkirk grant1813-1814 - Macdonnel helps lead Selkirks colony to RRC1815 - 133 colonist convinced by Cameron leave the RRC to Fort William1816 - A group of Metis led by Cuthbert raid HBC boats1816 - The Battle of Seven Oaks between the Metis and Semples men1817 - Selkirk makes a treaty with Ojibwa and Cree nation 1817 - Selkirk leaves RRC in fall back to London to face lawsuits.


Thomas Douglas, the 5th earl ofSelkirk, established the first settlement in the Red River Valley for the poor Scottish farmers who were struggling from the stock. Selkirk travelled extensively and created a colony in the Hudson Bay area. He was granted land by the British government that allowed him to own land in Canada.Selkirks grant created a variety of problems and conflicts that would rise between the HBC and the Metis people of Canada.The Red River colony would shape the history of eastern Canada and the fate of the Metis people and the HBC company and settlers.

Time line of RRC

Lord Selkirk helps Canada establish the first colony alone the Hudson bay and into Manitoba for the Metis people. SelkirkHistory of Red River colonyhttp://firstpeoplesofcanada.com/fp_metis/fp_metis_redriver.html


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