Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies

Author: William Golding

Title: Lord of the Flies

BarbaricThroughout the novel, we are shown constantly that Jack is a character that enjoys violence and is a very cruel hearted person. Jack does not really care for the people on the island, and that is highlighted when he turns as fast as he can on people who oppose his opinion.  Through the creation of chants such as, "Kill the pig, cut its throat, bash her in, drink its blood," we are shown that Jack is blood thirsty and loves the brutality of killing animals.

DominantJack is a very dominant character who often gets what he wants. Jack is found throughout the entire book using things such as fear, and force to be dominant. He also manages to use physical advantage he has over the boys as a biggun to physically dominate others. The aggression Jack possess' makes him get what he wants out of the group of boys. Jack is very good in the art of persuasion, and he is displayed through the book persuading the other boys, to be aligned with his ideologies. This attributes all a company to a dominant force over the other boys.

RebelliousJack is a character who has a very high tensions throughout the book with assigned leader Ralph. Jack disagrees on a number of issues and priorities that are laid in Ralphs ideologies. Jack decides to take matters in to his own hands and creates an uprising labeling him as very rebellious. Jacks rebelliousness comes from his stubbornness that shows out a lot when he is not elected for the leader on the island. In Jacks history, he has typically been the main man in groupings, such as a choir, so the unfamiliarity of having things not go his way was unnatural to him.


"I’m not going to play anymore. Not with you...I’m not going to be a part of Ralph’s lot—"

"'We want Meat' [Jack] ... The Madness came into his eyes again... 'You wouldn't care to help with the shelters, I suppose?' [Ralph] 'We want meat' [Jack]'""

Through this quotation, we are shown Jacks true perspective on the situation the boys are in on the island. We are shown that Jack does not care for anything on the island as much as having a good time and hunting. While Ralph is trying to plea his case that they need to be thinking long term, Jacks barbaric desires control him into wanting to go hunt and avoid the task that really needs to be done. This barbaric attitude later will be shadowed onto the other boys on the island.

"His specs – use them as burning glasses!"

This quotation is said by Jack when the boys figure they need to make fire. He snatches the specs off of Piggy with disrespect and gets no rebuttal from anyone. This is how through fear and physical dominance Jack is able to overpower piggy

Jack speaks his truths in the chapter 8, where he feels belittled by the boys of the island. This is the beginning of Jack creating a new group on the island via a rebellion; standing up to the higher power Ralph. This shows how Jack is the only one not sitting around and desiring change.


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