Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies

-At the very start of the book Piggy and Ralph are scouting the island to see where they are and to see if they can find other people among them. They had been in a plane crash and later it is found that only young boys have survived. No adults. The fact that there are no adults is an imporant choice the author had made for the plot because without adults the kids aren't required to follow rules. The boys being on an island is also important to the plot because the boys are alone with no outside connection and have to fend for themselves.-While Ralph and Piggy are wandering the island they find a conch shell which is a symbol that is supposed to repressent order. Ralph blows the conch shell and soon young boys, between the ages 12 and 5 slowly start to come out of the woods. Because the boys are still young and immature they aren't old enough to know how to make sensible decisions all the time and that effects the plot espically once they all start to become savages.



-There are several disagreements taking place between Jack and Ralph. Jack believes that he is more powerful and is better suited to lead the group. -During a meeting Simon stands up and plants a theory in everyone’s head. Simon said, “‘..., maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.” -Jack soon gets fed up with listening to Ralph’s rules and makes his own tribe of hunters who are more savage than Ralph, Piggy, and, Samneric. -With every day that passes, the boys perform acts of savagery pushing the plot forward by testing the character's sanity and to see how willing they are to become violent and animalistic.

Rising Action

-The boys get rescued this shaped the plot because if they didn’t get rescued they would have killed Ralph and continued to live on the island as hunters/savages and maybe could of killed each other.

-Jack ties up and beats a boy name Wilfred for no reason. This shows that he has lost all of his morals. This contributes to Jack allowing himself to hunt down and attempt to kill Ralph and convincing others to do so through torture.-Jack kills Piggy on purpose, this shaped the plot because if Piggy never got killed and stayed alive maybe they would’ve of gotten through to the other boys and kept their civilization together.

Simon finds the dead parachutist and realizes they have mistaken the beastie for the corpse. When he goes back to tell the other boys, they think he is the beastie and they kill him. This shapes the plot because this is the first time they become true savages and have lost the last thing that was keeping them civilized.


Falling Action


By: Colleen Fitzgerald, Kayla Gerry, Grace Kirane, Emilee Goss, and Emma Ream

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