Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the FliesBy: William GoldingGlog By: Anthony Altimari






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I would recommend this book to anyone to read. It was a great book and I enjoyed reading it. How they were trying to survive on the island was very interesting. It was good vs evil in the story. That made the book even more interesting. I think anyone would enjoy this book.

The three main characters are Ralph, Piggy, and Jack. Ralph is the head of the group of kids on the island. He wants to set up a small civilization on the island to help everyone survive. Piggy doesn't have good eyesight, is overweight, and has asthma. But, Piggy helped them by creating inventions to help them survive on the island. He is eventually killed by a boulder pushed onto him. Jack was one of the older boys on the island. Jack became the leader of the hunters but he wanted absolute and total power. He becomes very wild and cruel as the story goes on. Jack has a savage instinct rather than Ralph's civilized instinct.

A plane crashes onto an island in the Pacific Ocean. The only survivors were the kids on the plane. They find a conch shell and use it to call the other people on the island. Later, they are afraid of "the beast" on the island. Jack decides that they should start hunting for food instead of watching over a fire. Later, a dead man on a parchute blew onto the island. This dead man is thought to be "the beast." Jack leaves the main group on the island and creates his own group and invites anyone to join him. Most of the older kids and a boy named Simon go with Jack to hunt pigs and other animals. They ended up killing a fat mother pig and they put its head on a stick in the ground. Simon calls the head the "Lord of the Flies" and he runs up the mountain to face "the beast." He fell and rolled down the mountain. During this time, Jack had set up a big party for everyone on the island to go to. While they were there, Simon rolled down the mountain. They didn't recognize him and they started to poke and jab at him. They ended up killing him. Later, Ralph and Piggy's group confronts Jack's group. One boy in Jack's group pushed a boulder onto Piggy, killing him. Ralph ran as far away as he could and when he got to the beach he was confronted by a soldier in the British Navy. The British Navy rescued all of the kids from the island.

The setting of the story is on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. An English plane crashed onto the island and the only survivors were the kids on the plane.

The theme of the story is civilization vs savagery. In other words, good vs evil.One group wanted everything to be peaceful and civilized. The other group wanted to be ravenous and hunt for animals. Ralph's group wanted to set up a civilization so everyone could survive and have the resources they needed. They wanted there to be order. Jack's group was barbaric and cruel and they didn't go by the rules. There are two important symbols of evil in the story, "the beast" and the fat mother pig's head on the stick in the ground. It is good vs. evil, Ralph vs. Jack.