Lord of Opium

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Lord of Opium

Lord of Opium PlotLord of Opium is the exciting sequel to House of the Scorpion. After El Patron's death, his clone Matt (Matteo) must now take his place as the biggest drug lord in the world. When Matt is outside Opium, he realizes that the world's ecosystem has been destroyed in every place except for his home, the land of Opium. He is the only one that can revive the world. Matt also decides to try to reverse a surgery that causes people to become working zombies. But with little family and allies left to give him guidance Matt must blindly find a way to fill the shoes of a dead drug lord, El Patron.

Lord of Opium Glog

By, Nancy Farmer

Opium is harvested by cutting poppy pods and collecting then drying the sap.

Lord of Opium Review It is hard enough to manage my homework so I can't imagine trying to run the biggest drug trade in the world at the age of 14.Nancy Farmer writes in The Lord of Opium about the struggle that occurse when the lines between good and evil become blured leaving no room inbetween.My favorite character in the book is probably Matt, because he takes on challenges that are thought to be impossible just so he can help others. This book is my favorit book because I feel like I can relate to Matt because he is young and still trying to figure out what he wants to do with little guidance.

Reivew/summary of House of the Scorpion that can help you understand whats going on in Lord of Opium.

"How much wickedness could you do in the service of good before it turned into pure evil?" (205).

The first book is The house of the Scorpion

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