Looking Through The Eyes of the Fetus

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Human Anatomy

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Looking Through The Eyes of the Fetus

Endoderm - it is responsible for the forming of the respiratory and digestive systems.

"Life is one thing, living is another."

Looking Through The Eyes of the Fetus.... What Do You See?

Prenatal Development - It is the step by step process from the adjoining of the sperm and the egg cell, to the birth of a child.

Three Stages of Prenatal Development

The Germinal Period(1-2 Weeks)This step includes different types of cell development. It quickly divides, differentiate and implants itself into the uterine wall. It all begins when the zygote is formed after a week. It consist of about 100 - 150 cells. After the zygote is formed, the cell starts to look different and starts to form into different parts. The blastocyst and the trophoblast begins to take its shape.

The Embryonic Period( 2 - 8 Weeks)This step includes the forming of the different systems in the body. At this stage it is no longer called the zygote, instead it has become an embryo. The endoderm, mesoderm and the ectoderm starts to take its shape.

The Fetal Period( 2 - 7 Months)At this point the embryo has transformed and can be considered a fetus. The different body parts are now distinguishable. The baby is also active and starts to move its arms and legs. Irregular breathing and grasping reflexes also occurs in this stage. In the last 2 months the heart and kidney starts to evolve and baby fat starts to form.


Blastocyst - It is the inner portion of the cell.

Trophoblast - It is the outer layer and will later provide nutrition for the baby.

Mesoderm - it is responsible for the circulatory, excretory and the reproductive system. It also forms the bones and muscles later on.

Ectoderm - it is responsible for the forming of the nervous system and the sensory recepticles such as the skin receptors.

ConclusionThe miracle of life is extremely complex. It goes through various steps that are very sensitive. It goes through the Germinal Period, Embryonic Period and finally the Fetal Period. These are the steps that develops new life into the world. What happens in these moments can greatly affect the out come of the unborn child.

Fetal Development

Source: Looking Through the Fetus... What Do You See? Handout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgT5rUQ9EmQ


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