Looking For and Forming a Focus

by Rebkamp
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Looking For and Forming a Focus

Goal: Exploring your topic, finding and forming a focus for your research.

Looking for and Forming a Focus

Step Three:

You're probably still feeling uncertain, even though you have a topic. You may have your darkest hour in the whole process, feeling threatened by the choice of a focus—what if you pick the "wrong" one? Try to tolerate these feelings. Once you choose a focus, you should start to feel some optimism and confidence. You may even have an "Aha!" experience, but don't worry if you don't—there's not an "Aha!" in every A+ paper.


Now that you have a topic, you need to learn about it! Picture your topic as a square mile of land. Your task is to expore it, which will require going around, over and through it several times to see what's there, looking at it from different perspectives. Once you are sufficiently informed about your topic, you will be able to focus your paper and create an argument based on your personal point of view.



Choosing a focus

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Purposeful thinking

Preliminary note taking

Exploring your topic

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