Looking for Alaska

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Looking for Alaska

Miles Halter (Pudge)- very skinny, likes memorize last words, 6 ft tall, likes AlaskaAlaska Young- funny, sarcastic, likes pranks, smokes, attractiveChip Martin (The Colonel)- short, muscular, brown hair, deep voice, gets in trouble often, smokes, roommates with MilesTakumi- raps, Asian Lara- Russian, dates Miles for a while, has an accentMr. Starnes (The Eagle)- dean of students, very strict, favors AlaskaDr. Hyde (Old Man)- missing a lung, teaches World Religion, extremely old, Miles likes him

Begins in Florida, but mostly takes place in Birmingham, Alabama at Culver Creek Preparatory School.

Looking for AlaskaBy: John Green

In the beginning, Miles Halter leaves his home in Florida to go to Culver Creek Preparatory School in Alabama. When he arrives, he meets his roommate "The Colonel" and his friends. The Colonel, Miles, Alaska, Takumi, and Lara all become very good friends. One night, Alaska is killed in a car crash. She had been intoxicated and ran straight into a cop car without slowing down. The Colonel and Miles don't think even the large amount of alcohol could possibly have caused this. They try to find the reason Alaska was killed, hence the title "Looking For Alaska."



The main theme of this book is "the loss of innocence." Miles, who had almost no friends before going to Alabama, made a few very close friends, including Alaska. He started to change. He started to smoke, and he got mixed up with their problems with other people at the school. When Alaska dies, he has to cope with her death. At first, he is angry, both with himself and with Alaska. But in the end, he comes to accept the fact the she is in a place better for her, and he forgives.


I thought this book was very good. I liked the characters and the way it was written. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes other John Green books.




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