Looking for Alaska

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Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska

By John Green

This book takes place in a boarding school in Alabama called Culver Creek.

Main Characters:

Miles Halter (Pudge): Miles is a 16-year-old tall, skinny, clumbsy looking boy. He is known for memorizing people's last words before they die. He has a huge crush on Alaska Young (a fellow classmate) and he would like to win her heart even though she already has a boyfriend.Alaska Young: The 16-year-old girl, Alaska Young is known as "the rebel" of Culver Creek. She smokes daily, drinks often, and doesn't listen to any teachers or authorities. All guys fall for Alaska because of her beauty and sense of humor. She is definetly the most unique character in this book.Chip Martin (The Colonel): Chip is Miles' roomate. Chip and Miles automatically became friends the first day they met. Chip is short, mascular, and is definetally not the person you want to get in an argument or fight with. Like Alaska, he drinks and smokes, but not as often as Alaska does.

Conflict:Miles Halter wants to steal Alaska's heart. The only problem is that she already has a boyfriend. Soon Miles will figure out that is not the only problem...

I give the book "Looking for Alaska" a 5/5 star rating because it is action packed and you never know what will happen next. Also, each character in this book is very interesting and unique. Anybody who reads this book will be able to relate to at least one character. Overall, this book is amazing and I can recommend "Looking For Alaska" to anyone!

Summary Miles Halter is just an average student at Culver Creek . Like every other boy at this boarding school, Miles has a crush on the beautiful, smart,and rebelious, Alaska Young. Miles begins to hang out with Alaska, hoping that he has a chance to be her boyfriend. Soon he realizes that Alaska is already in a long distance relationship with a guy named Jake. Though he was a bit embaressed to have just figured this out, he still would do whatever it takes to be Alaska's boyriend. Alaska and Miles continued to hang out as "friends". One night Alaska brought Miles down to a place called "The Smoking Hole". Miles was a little bit confused what "The Smoking Hole" meant at first, until Alaska lit a cigarette and offered one to Miles. He felt that if he wanted to stay friends with Alaska, he needed to smoke. As the two of them grew closer, Alaska started to have deeper feelings for Miles. Miles thought his plan was working. He actaually had a chance with Alaska now! They began to hang out at least once every day. They even spent the whole Thanksgiving break together! After spending so much time together, their feelings got deeper, and Alaksa kind of forgot about Jake. Miles and Alaska kissed. Miles couldn't have been happier! But something wasn't right with Alaska the night that they kissed, and she dissapeared. No one has any evidence of why she left or where she went. Miles needs to find Alaska.

Person vs. Person

Miles vs. Alaska

Theme:The theme of this book is "Never take anything/anyone for granted". I know that this is the theme because all throughout the book there were never any signs of the characters being thankful for what they have, until one day, something that they all dearly loved was taken away from them. And by the end, the characters recognized what they are thankful for and will never make this mistake again.

Page 119"She was lying on the floor holding her heard and jerking. And I freaked out. I should have called 911, but I just started screaming and crying until finally she stopped jerking, and I thought that she fell asleep and whatever had hurt didn't hurt anymore. So I just sat there on the floor with her until my dad got home an hour later, and he' screaming 'Why didn't you call 911?' and trying to give her CPR, but by then she was plenty dead. Aneurysm. Worst Day." This passage is important because it is talking about the day that Alaska's mother died and how clearly she remembers it, even though it happend a long time ago. It shows a lot about Alaska's character and personality. It shows how much she can bring her self down and how hard she is on her self even if it isn't completley her fault. Since she remembers this moment in her life so clearly, I can assume that she really does miss her mother.

This book is Fiction

Important Passage

Something unique and cool about this book is the title. The title is very deceiving. When you first read the title, you will probably think that it will be about hikers/explorers searching or trying to dicover the state of Alaska. But actually, the word "Alaska" in this book refers to one of the main character's names.

I can recommend this book to anyone because it is exciting and easy to relate to and understand. I would say if you want to read this you should probably be at least 12 years old because it does involve swear words, drinking, and smoking.

This book was published in 2005.


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