Looking for Alaska

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Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska

By John Green

Chapters 48-59While calling his parents on the payphone in the hallway, Miles notices doodles of tulips on the payphone, and realizes it is from Alaska. He now knows that she was doodling flowers on the white paint while on the phone with Jake, freaked out, and then got the white tulips. that the police had found. Miles decides to pull a huge prank for Alaska, and he does this by inviting a stripper in to the school to speak on a special day, and telling the Eagle that he was a doctor. During the prank, Miles exclaims "This one is for Alaska Young." The Eagke knew who had pulled this prank, but he knew it was too good of a prank to punish the group for it. It is finally realized by Takumi that Alaska had forgotten the anniversary of her moms death, and had been on her way to her grave when she had died. It is revealed that Takumi had known what Alaska was doing, and let her go, but he is forgiven. Miles and the Colonel decide that they want to drive through the site of Alaska's death . At the end of the book, Miles finishes his final for Dr. Hyde, and includes several realizations. about life and the death of his friend.

Chapters 1-15The book starts off introducing the main character, Miles, who is leaving his family for a boarding school. called Culver Academy Only two people show up to his going away party. Upon arriving at school, we are introduced to Miles' new roomate, Chip, who insists that he be called 'The Colonel". Miles is also renamed Pudge. The Colonel explains that there are two groups in the school, Boarders and the Weekend Warriors. He also explains that the absolute worst thing you can do at Culver is snitch. During this time, Miles also meets Alaska, who he thinks is very attractive. During the middle of the night, Miles is duct taped and thrown into the lake by the weekend warriors, and the Colonel promises to take revenge on them. World Religions quickly becomes Miles's favorite class mostly due to the teacher, Dr. Hyde. Miles is very intruiged by him. After a few basketball games , cigarettes, and study sessions, Miles is aquanted with his new life and friends. He becomes increasingly attracted to Alaska, who has a boyfriend. The group is soon caught smoking by "The Eagle" (The Dean) and the friends must appear before a jury. The Colonel and Alaska take the blame andd are given 10 Work hours. Alaska then sets up a date, with an emphasis on Miles and Lara becoming a couple. However, the date is a basketball game, and while there, Miles get hit in the head with the ball and he is given a concussion, He then proceeds to thro w up in Lara's lap. Miles tries to avoid the gitls in this group for a little becuase he is embarrassed.

Chapters 16-31During the 16th chapter, Dr. Hyde gives the class a question that they must answer for 50% of their grade: "What is the most important question human beings must answer?" After class, the boys find out that Alaska has been pranked by the Weekend Warriors, who flooded her dorm room. Myles;s then finds out that Alaska was a snitch, nut he learns to trust her again. She convinces him to stay and keep her company at Culver over the upcoming Thanksgiving break. Miles is in love with Alaska and even tries to kiss her, but she tells him not to ruin what they have. During break, the two of them dig through dorms trying to find items of interest. The Colonel unexpectadely shows up at Culver, and invites Miles and Alaska to have Thanksgiving dinner with his mom. The four of them enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together. Everyone at Culver goes home for Christmas, and Miles enjoys his time off with his family, discussing books with his father and cooking with his mother. All of this time, Alaska has been planning a prank to get back at the Weekend warriors, and even has a pre-prank planned, but she won't tell Miles what it is. The prank is carried out, there is blue hair dye put in some of the Weekend Warriors' shampoo, and failing faked grades are sent out to many of their parents. The group is hiding out in a barn, and this is when Alaska reveals the story of what happened to her mother when she was a little girl. She died in front of her and Alaska went into shock, and could not help. It is then very apparent to the group that this accounts for a lot of Alaska's current unhappiness.

Chapters 32-47The next night the group decides to celebrate the successful prank again by drinking and playing truth or dare. Alaska dares Miles to kiss her, and he does. Suddenly the phone in the hall rings, and Alaska answers it. She returns sobbing and says she needs to go. She says she forgot something and that she messed up and that they need to distract the Eagle so she can go somewhere in her car. The boys do exactly that and she leaves. At an assembly called the next day, the boys learn that Alaska got into a car accidnt and had passed away. She had driven into a police car parked on the highway. The police had found white tulips on the scene. Miles and the Colonel are haunted by their actions and feel responsible for the death of Alaska. They are plagued by dreams of her. The Colonel is consumed by the need to know if Alaska had commited suicide and what had happened while Miles is still just grieving. The proccess of finding out what had really hapned was stressful for the boys, and even caused them to get into arguments with each other. One night, the Colonel wants to see how drunk Alaska had been when she died, and when he finds out, he says he could not have driven himself. The Eagle catches the boys during this, however they hide the alcohol and Miles only gets caught smoking a cigarette. The boys also call Jake, her boyfriend, who had been on the phone with Alaska right before she freaked out, but he does not know what had happened to make her freak out and need to leave. Miles bumps into Lara, who he had started dating right before the death of Alaska, and apologizes for ditching her without saying anything.

"...And if the Colonel thought that calling me his friend would make me stand by him, well, he was right."

"But we knew what could be found out, and in finding it out, she had made us closer—the Colonel and Takumi and me, anyway."

"She said, "It's not life or death, the labyrinth.""Um, okay. So what is it?""Suffering," she said. "Doing wrong and having wrong things happen to you. That's the problem. Bolivar was talking about the pain, not about the living or dying. How do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering?"


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