Looking For Alaska

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Looking For Alaska

Author: John Green

Looking For Alaska

Part Two: Miles finally is dropped off at the campus and is settling in to the extremely hot room when a rough short guy came in with an army bag and a smile on his face. His name is Chip Martin. But he liked to be called the Colonel. He was a boy on scholarship, he was no weekday warrior. He also gave Miles the nickname of Pudge because he was so skinny, soon it stuck. Weekday warriors were the rich kids that lived around the area that went home on the weekends. They split between the scholarship kids and weekday warriors. The weekday warriors were the cool kids in school and it drove the the scholarship kids crazy. After Colonel told Miles about that he met the crazy Alaska Young. Miles was mesmerized by Alaska. He liked everything about her. But unfortunately she has a boyfriend named Jake who goes to Vanderbilt. Colonel liked her for all the cigarettes she had.

Part One: Miles Halter is about to move to move to a brand new boarding school named Culver Creek in Alabama. When he left he did not get the greatest goodbye from his friends. Actually only two people came to the going away party.It is a bit ironic too since his favorite thing to know is famous people's last words before they die. But Miles was ok with that. Soon after he finally was on his way to Culver Creek.

"How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!" (Green 19).

Part Three: Miles was having an amazing time with his new friends Colonel and Takumi Hikohito who he met through Alaska. But one night, oneof his very first, went horribly wrong. A weekday warrior named Kevin took Miles out of his bed , ducked taped his arms and legs, and threw Miles into the water right on campus. When Miles went back into his room the Colonel said that it happens to everyone. But no one has ever gotten duck taped . He thinks that Kevin did it for revenge for Ratting out their friends and getting them expelled. But after that they had a great time.They would smoke and hide from the Eagle. He was the supervisor in a way. He watched over the campus and punished who ever was caught. doing something wrong. Then Miles met a girl during their study group, her name was Lara. She was from Europe and had a crush on Miles even though went they went on a double date Miles threw up infront of her. Miles even loves his classes. He really enoys his teacher Dr. Hyde even though he kicked Miles out of class for staring out the window. Soon after weeks of school and smoking in the hiding spot they all loved. It is now time for Thanksgiving. Alaska asks Miles to stay on campus with her, and he actually does,. They spent a few days alone together. they absolutely loved it. They snooped through peoples dorms and drank strawberry hill in the soccer field and read a book together. Then on Thanksgiving the Colonel came and said they were all going to his house.It was just a little trailer but they did not mind. The Colonel's mother cooked a fabulous meal for them and it was just lovely. One day a few weeks after Thanksgiving they all decided to have a big prank on the weekday warriors and sent home fake letters to their families saying that they are not passing their classes. So Colonel, Miles, and Takumi tell the Eagle that they were staying with the Colonel's mom. The rest made stuff up. They went and hid behind this barn with a bunch of hay. Alasksa says its time to go and they went. Takumi and Miles went through the woods lighting off fire crackers while the Colonel and Alaska sent the letters on the Eagle's computer. It was awesome. After their successful mission, they all played best day worst day the drinking game. That is when Alaska said that her mom died from an aneurysm and thinks its her fault. It was a very heavy story. That night as well was when Lara and Miles started dating. Miles even had his first kiss.

"God 'I love you' really is the gateway drug of breaking up" (Green 78).

Part Four: They went back to class that week and Miles was with Lara and they did not have much to say. They kissed a lot and played video games. They asked for advice from Alaska for many things when it comes to kissing. She thought it was so funny. But then one night Colonel and Alaska wanted to drink but Miles did not so he just hung out with them. Alaska wanted to play truth or dare while drinking so they did. They asked your normal truth or dare questions but then Colonel dared Alaska to kiss Miles since he knew that Miles was still obsessed with her even with a girlfriend. She did with a bit more. While they were kissing MIles asked about Jake and Lara, she said worry about your kissing. It was a very strange night. Soon Alaska came into their room crying and said she needed to leave. So she made the boys go out and distract the Eagle while Alaska gets into her car. Well what they forget is that she is drunk and can not think straight.

"To be continued?" (Green 131).

Part Five: The next day the Eagle told the Colonel and Miles that Alaska had died that night in a car accident. They were both horrified. Miles threw up and the Colonel could not stop screaming I am sorry. They went to their rooms and zoned out and cried for days. Till the Colonel thought of something. He wanted to know how she really died. If it was an accident or if it was on purpose. Miles did not want to find out. The Colonel started remembering what happened and even went to the police station to hear about the reports of the death. They said she did not stop and that she had white flowers in the back of her car. Also that she was very very drunk. So they wanted to see what it felt like to be that drunk. They asked Takumi for some vodka. He felt very left out not knowing what they were doing. Then they snuck into the Eagle's office and stole the breathizer. It was very very bad. Then one day when Miles was on the phone that the white flowers were for her mom. She forgot it was the aniversary of her death. They were still not sure if it was an accident or a sucide but they feel at peace why she went crazy. Then they wanted to do something in her name. They pulled the biggest prank for the famous person speech day. Alaska always wanted to do it so they did it for her. Miles had a male stripper come in for their classes speech and dance for them when Lara said to dance and take your clothes off. It was legendary.

" 'I go to seek a Great Perhaps' That's why I'm going. So I don' have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps" (Green 5).


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