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Looking for alaska


"'You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining the future that keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.'"Alaska (p. 54)


Pudge wakes up the morning after being with Alaska to the Eagle telling him that a tragic event has occurred and everyone must meet in the gym. When he and the Colonel get to the gym one thing is missing, Alaska. Pudge knows but won't so much admit to himself that Alaska is gone until the Eagle tells the school. This is when Looking for Alaska changes from a coming of age story about life and learning how to live it, to a mistery with a deep depressive undertone. After Alaska's death Pudge and the Colonel stay to themselves and try to figure out what happened. All they heard from the Eagle was she had ran straight into a police car on the highway. The two need to figure out the cause behind Alaska's death. The Colonel more so than Pudge, Who for a bit, it seems, would rather just try to move on. The Colonel drags Pudge along though and tries to convince him he's not the only one missing Alaska. Slowly, they put pieces together. The colonel calls Alaska's boyfriend and tries to see what she had said on the phone to him that night and the Colonel takes shots of liquor to see how drunk Alaska really was when she was driving. After thinking and rethinking everything they discover that Alaska's mom had died years ago on the night that she had been drinking and she had forgotten her mom's flowers that she would put on the grave every year. Pudge and the Colonel realized they would never know if this was suicide or accidental but they came to terms with things, knowing there was some part of Alaska that existed stilll and there always would be. They eventually started talking to Takumi and Laura again once they found some peace. Even though all four of them didn't know if Alaska had purposely left them or not, they learned how to live with great questions still unanswered.

“Thomas Edison’s last words were, ‘It’s very beautiful over there.’ I don’t know where there is, but I know it’s somewhere, and I hope it’s beautiful.”Pudge (p.221)

This story begins by introducing Miles Halter. A not-so-popular Junior who likes to memorize people's last words. He is tired of life at home so he decides to go to Culver Creek High School to 'seek a great perhaps'. His dorm mate is Chip, but he's called the Colonel. He nicknames Miles 'Pudge' and introduces him to Alaska when on a mission for Cigarettes, which remain a very important symbol through out the whole book. Pudge is immediately attracted to Alaska. He also get's introduced to Takumi, an Asian beat-boxer; booze; and cigarettes. Together these four people helped eachother survive school and find adventure, while showing Pudge the ropes. First things first at the Creek, you never snitch. There's a rival between the 'Weekday Warriors', who go home on the weekend, and the kids who stay at the Creek all year which would be the Colonel, Alaska, Takumi, and Pudge. Alaska, being somewhat of a pranking pro, plans pranks to play on the Weekday Warriors with her foursome and the warriors plan to do the same. All the while knowing no one can tell 'the Eagle', the principal, about a prank. It's later discovered that Alaska had broken that rule once and gotten two of her own friends kicked out of school. Alaska was a very complicated girl who went from exuberant to depressed in minutes. This threw Pudge for a loop several times. From convincing himself he was done with her to falling in love all over again. The Colonel and Takumi had warned him, but he just couldn't help it. She was smart enough to help him before tests in Math and she was wild enough to be the mastermind behind all the trouble they cause. She led Pudge on saying she could make love to him if she didn't love her boyfriend, and then she helped Pudge get his very first girlfriend Laura. One night, Thanks to the help of alcohol, Pudge does get a taste of Alaska. Then she has to drive somewhere alone, distraught about something she won't mention. That's was all before.

John GreenJohn Green, the author of Looking for Alaska, wrote this book with the intentions to invoke certain conflicting thoughts and emotions to the readers. When answersing questions about the mystery surrounding Alaska's death he had said, "I wrote the book that way because at the time i had a lot of big questions... And I wanted to know whether it was possible to live a hopeful life in a world riddled with ambiguity". Green had mentioned that some characters were based off of real people in the boarding school he had attended as a highschool student. This was his first big selling novel and first to win a Michael L. Printz Award. Meaning it was deemed one of the best books for teens that year.

Looking for Alaska

The Smoking Hole^^

“So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”Pudge (Green, p. 88)


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