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Looking for Alaska Glog

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. It's probably my favorite book I've read, even though I've read it about eight times. This book is really fast, similar to all of John Green's books, but I think the pace that it goes was the right speed for this book.


The characters include: Miles "Pudge" HalterChip "The Colonel" MartinAlaska YoungTakumi HikohitoLara ButerskayaThe Eagle (the dean)

Main Characters

About the Book

Miles "Pudge" Halter is the new kid at the prestigious Culver Creek Prepatory School in Birmingham, Alabama. Nervous about not making any friends, he is immediatley "taken in" by his roomate Chip, known as The Colonel, who intorduces him to the beautiful Alaska Young. Pudge is taken through crazy school pranks such as The Weekday Warriors throwing him into the lake. Magically he survives The Creek. As the book continues Pudge grows closer to Alaska than anyone has before. But a tragic turn in the book hits you. The Colonel and Pudge must come to terms with what happens to their dear friend.

Book Cover

Looking for Alaska

John Green


The book takes place at Culver Creek Prepatory School.

By: e'lan McCallPeriod 6


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