Looking for Alasak

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Looking for Alasak

Miles is the new kid at a boarding school in Alabama, and there he meets Chip who takes him under his wing. He also meets Alaska who he is instantly attracted to and continues to be throughout the whole book. His new friends are full of mischief, but they accept Miles for who he is. He often gets into trouble with Chip and Alaska, which isn’t very difficult to do considering the school they’re attending has very strict rules.

1) The main characters in the book were about as old as I am, and they are in high school. This made the book easier to understand, because I could relate to each character on a different level. 2) This book had a lot of symbols including Miles’ fascination for famous last words, which represented death throughout the book, even the idea of death was mentioned often in the book and was an important factor.3) It was written in 2 parts. The first part being before something happened, and the second part being after what happened. This kept the book very interesting because each chapter would count down to the day where that event occurred and it kept me curious about the book.

Why I liked this book & would recommend it

Title: Looking For AlaskaAuthor: John GreenGenre: Drama, Romance

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And what I didn't like...



1) Young people, including teenagers, think that they’re invincible, but in reality they are the most vulnerable people.2) People spend their time dreaming of the future, or planning ahead, but life is truly about the present and living right in the moment.

1) Even though the plot is interesting, the book can start to get boring and drag on. It also seems redundant because the same things basically happen all the time and there's nothing new.2) There are very few main characters in the book, and they all are fairly similar, so at times it can lack interest


About the Author

John Green is a 38 year old writer from Indiana and has written several best sellers.



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