Lonon: The East End

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Lonon: The East End

"Must See" places-The Regent's Canal-The Hoxton Square-The Historic Spitalfield-The Brick Lane-St. Katatine Docks

TRAVEL GUIDELondon: East End

Fast Facts - ...The East End developed rapidly during the 19th century. Originally it was an area characterised by villages clustered around the City walls or along the main roads, surrounded by farmland, with marshes and small communities by the River, serving the needs of shipping and the Royal Navy. - ... The East End is the home of "Cockney Rhyming Slang", a dialect of English where words are substituted for other words which they rhyme with.

This is the main site!The Bishopgate

This is what the local food looks like.

The map of East End

Historic SpitalfieldMarket

Brick Lane is a small but diverse neighbourhood known as "Banglatown" in recent years on account of many of its inhabitants and proprietors originating from the Indian subcontinentAlthough now largely a Bengali neighbourhood, within living memory, Brick Lane was a Jewish district. As well as some obvious remnants of this history such as a few remaining bagel delis, there are some more subtle ones too, such as small synagogues in the back streets. Many of the larger synagogues have now been converted into mosques. Before that, it was a Huguenot area. The Huguenots settled in the area and became well-known for silk weaving. The markets here date back to the 16th century, when the area was a stop on the main eastern exit road from London

Hoxton Square is a garden square situated in Hoxton in the London Borough of Hackney, in London's East End. Laid out in 1683, it is thought to be one of the oldest squares in London. At one time home to industrial premises, since the 1990s it has become the heart of the Hoxton arts and media scene, as well as being a hub of the thriving local entertainment district. Since the year 2000 the square's buildings, largely of Victorian vintage, have become host to a variety of bars, restaurants and clubs.

St Katharine Docks, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, were one of the commercial docks serving London, on the north side of the river Thames just east (downstream) of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. They were part of the Port of London, in the area now known as the Docklands, and are now a popular housing and leisure complex.

St.Katarina DocksThe Bishopgate


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