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Lonnie G. Johnson

Lonnie G. JohnsonInventor of The Super Soaker

1. Nicknamed "The Professor"2.His zodiac sign is Libra3.Born in Mobile, Alabama4.Went to Williamson High School5.He always dreamed of becoming a famous inventor.6.He represented his school at the science fair.


Lonnie Johnson's biggest success was the super soaker

Lonnie Johnson made lots of kids very happy.


Growing up, he was always building and inventing. At 13, he built a go kart with a lawnmower and junk yard parts, and had to be pullled over by a cop on the highway.Graduated from Tuskegee Institute with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, and a Master's in Nuclear Engineering. Worked for the Air Force and helped design the stealth bomber then worked for NASA and was on the Galileo mission to Jupiter team. During his time at the Air Force, he worked on projects on his own. While working on a heat pump, he ended up creating one of the world's most popular toys: The Super soaker water gun. The Johnson Thermelectric Energy Converter (TEC) is still in development but if its production is succesful Lonnie G. Johnson will change the world by creating clean renewable solar energy in a system without any moving parts. The prototypes convert solar heat into electricity with twice the efficiency of ANY of current methods available.


Super Soaker


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