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Lonnie G. Johnson

Lonnie Johnson globally impacted the 21st century simply with his first invention, the Super Soaker. In 1989, he decided to sell his device to the Larami Corporation, a toy company. The first name for the product was the "Power Drencher," but it failed to make a commercial impact. Once additional marketing efforts were introduced, and the name was changed to the "Super Soaker," it became part of the world's Top 20 best selling toys. Plus, it topped $200 million in sales in 1991.

Lonnie G. Johnson-Carla Hansen-


Biography-Full Name: Lonnie George Johnson-Date of Birth: October 6, 1949 (age 66)-Place of Birth: Mobile, Alabama-Education and Degrees: Attended Tuskegee University in Alabama, has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering (1973), and has a master's degree in nuclear engineering (1975).-Occupation: Inventor and Engineer-One sister.

Johnson's most popular invention was the Super Soaker, invented in 1982. The Super Soaker is a "recreational water gun that utilizes manually-pressurized air to shoot water with greater power, range, and accuracy than conventional squirt pistols." The popular outdoor toy is now enjoyed by millions of kids all around the world.

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Life Obstacle

Lonnie grew up in a time of legal segregation, the seperation of races, and was told not to look forward to being an inventor or technician, despite his gifted creativity and intelligence. However, he was inspired by George Washington Carver to persue inventing.

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