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long walk to water

A long walk to waterBy Linda sue park

Climax The climax of the story is when the lost boys of Sudan are forced to cross the river or get killed by the soldiers chasing them. Another climax is when Salva goes to the United States and gets a new family. The thrid climax in the story is when a well was made in Nya's village.

conflictThere is two conflicts in the story the conflict in nya's stroy It is searching for water but in Salva's stroy the conflict is trying to survive in a war in sudan

settingThe main setting is in south sudan in Nya story is in 2008 Salva's takes place in 1985

GenreThe Genre is a historical fiction.

resolution The reolution for Salva's story is that he goes to Rochester because he was on the list. The resolution for Nya's story is when she gets a well made by the water for sudan group.

point of viewThe point of view is third person omnicinet.

ThemeThe theme is bravery and leadership.

Click on the link below to learn more about the water for south Sudan projectLink

Click below to watch a video on water for South Sudan.

RatingThe qulities Iike the most from the book are bravery and leadership.


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