Long Walk for Water

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by Pedare7
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Social Studies

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Long Walk for Water

The poor African people walk 3 hours in one day. And they spend a whopping 40 billion hours each year searching for water!

If we save $7000 we can give them a well. 5000 kids die every day, just from dirty water! It is heart breaking for families and friends. If we help them they can have less people dying, less disease and less sickness in their land/territory. We can raise the money by doing jobs around the house and helping other people hopefully you can get some money. Everyone can add a donation and earn that $7000 .

How can I tell people about the problem?

The children in Africa walk between 10 and 20 kilometres. It’s a big walk for a poor little kid. And they don’t even have clean water to drink.

How many km do they walk?

I wonder how tired poor people are after a long walk for Water?

How long do poor people walk to get water?

They will carry two buckets at once! They have to even try to not spill any water. Remember their whole family is relying on the person with the buckets.

How heavy are the buckets they carry?


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