Long Live The Victory 1812-2012!

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Long Live The Victory 1812-2012!

M. Lermontov, a Russian Romantic poet who lived in the 19th century, was the author of the poem “Borodino”, which became a monument to valor, military glory and love of the Motherland.


Take part in the International Napoleonic re-enactment event, “The Borodino Day”

The year 1812. Epoch in sounds

Watch the film "War & Peace"

On PARIS. This year many cultural events in Russia and in European countries are timed to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the country’s victory over Napoleon. In late August, a horseback ride from Moscow to Paris by Russian Don Cossacks is to kick off. Twenty-five horse-mounted Cossacks clad the 1812 Cossack uniforms will travel 3,000 km separating Russia from France. They will repeat the route travelled by the Cossacks of Matvey Platov in 1812.


Cossacks. Napoleonic War

A collage of clips from the movie War and Peace (1967). This shows Napoleon's advance into Russia's heartland culminating in the battle of Borodino and the capture of Moscow in September.

Watch the Great Battle in Russian Painting

Watch the fragments of Panorama “The battle of Borodino”

Have a Tour to Museum-Panorama

Listen and understand "Guerilla warfare of the Patriotic war of 1812"


Do the quizzes & test yourself!

Denis Davydov (1784-1839) is one of the leaders of the partisan movement. Denis Davydov’s military talents were highly esteemed by Kutuzov and Bagration. Nikolai Yazykov said the following about his poetic gifts: “Your powerful, lively, bubbling and martial, entrancing, youthfully rakish verses will never die.”

War Gallery in Winter Palace, Hermitage. Opened 25 December, 1826

Listen & practice doing the exercises in the following link.


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