Loneliness Can Breed Disease

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Loneliness Can Breed Disease

Loneliness Can Breed Disease


-Ever since the beginning of time, man have been social.-Loneliness can be just as bad as cigarettes, obesity and alcohol.-Long-term loneliness can starve people of intimacy.-Not much social connection can make people lack help during emergencies, and alter eating and exercise habits.-When loneliness is apparent, it impairs executive control, this makes people perform poorly. It also weakens self control.-Loneliness messes up some of the DNA in the persons body, which can affect growth/sexual development. In addition, it raises blood pressure and releases stress hormones. -People who are lonely mostly focus on the negative. They hear more of the criticism than the compliments.


Gay men- Some stay 'in the closet' (because they are afraid of narrow minded people), which causes them to be lonely.15 year olds- 15% of boys, and 19% of girls said they were lonelyMiddle aged/Elderly- When lonely, they show less restraint, resulting in them eating more and exercising less. Also... the old, poor, and bullied people.




Loneliness can cause disease by…-Weakening the ability to look after ourselves-Weakening self control- Turning the body against itself-Stops a healthy lifestyle

Anyone can become lonely at any time. So, this article can connect to anyone. In the song Eleanor Rigby, both Eleanor and ‘Father McKenzie were both very lonely, and Eleanor practically died of loneliness.


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