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Social Studies

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What is London known for?London is known for being the capital of the United Kingdom, a country in western Europe. It is also the capital of England, which is part of the United Kingdom. It is the largest city in the country. It has long been a major center of culture, business, and banking.

When was London founded and by who?The romans founded it in AD 43.

Known Facts•Population- a little over 8 million•Religion: Anglican, Roman Catholic, and other Christian churches dot the cityscape, but London also welcomes other faiths.•What country it is located in: England•Language: English

PLACES TO VISIT-1. The Tower of London2.The Royal Opera House3.The London Zoo4. The Bristish Museum5.The London Eye6.St. Paul's Cathedral

Historical Events1. 604 AD- St. Paul's Cathedral is built.2. 1176- The London bridge is built.3. 1694- The Bank of England was founded and it was the first privately owned national bank in any country.

Famous People1. Kiera Knightley- Kiera Knightley is a well-known actress.2.Simon Cowell-Simon Cowell is known for beign a judge on American Idol. 3.Prince George- Prince George is the offspring of Prince William and Princess Kate.

Ethnic MakeupAbout one in three Londoners were born overseas. They come from dozens of countries, including Bangladesh, Vietnam, Iran, Brazil, Jamaica, and Ireland.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Big Ben


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