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Social Studies

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The west end is a huge part of london's legacy. Many people travel from far and wide to see a musical/play performed in one of the theatresi n London.

Fun Facts - London buses were not always red. Before 1907, different routes had different-coloured buses. - Only two Tube stations have all five vowels in their name: South Ealing and Mansion House.


The london underground rail system serves many commuters everyday. Here is a map of the system. it's very complex!

This is a map of London...

The first bus service took place in london on the 4th July 1829 and a single journey cost the equivilant of 5p today.

This is the main site! It's called Big Ben!

The London Eye is another well known attraction!

Black cabs are uniue to London. No other city in the world uses this type of car as a taxi service.

The old and new version on the iconic red bus!


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