London Christmas Times

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London Christmas Times

The London Christmas Times

Do You Know the History of our Christmas Tree?In 1841 Prince Albert, husband of our Queen Victoria, brought into Windsor Castle a beautifully decorated Christmas tree to remind him of his childhood Christmas' in Germany. Thank you Prince Albert!

You will need about 1 pound of chestnuts.Heat oven to 425 degrees. Cut an X with a sharp knife on the flat side of each chestnut shell. Place chestnuts in single layer in large pan. Roast uncovered 20 minutes or until shells begin to curl up at the X. Peel chestnuts while they are warm.

Buy Your Tickets to the Fezziwig Ball!Dancing, Singins Carols, Partying with friends and family. Have mulled wine , a little beer, or a Smoking Bishop and don't forget the Plum Pudding before you go. Tickets on sale at the Constable's office.

REMEMBER THE POOR!While out and about purchasing your Christmas bounty, remember those who are in The Workhouse. Only the most destitute are there! Most try to avoid having to be sent to the Workshouse at any cost. Families are separated, rights are taken away and you are as slave labor. Bring in some woolen mittens, a toy truck, or a dolly for a Workhouse child!

Click image to Listen to "A Christmas Carol" by Charles DIckens!

Are You Thrifty?Of course you are! Bring your Christmas Goose to Dilber's Baker for delicious roasting at and affordable price!

Come see the wonders of our world, the future is now! The Crystal Palace is here in our neighborhood so don't miss the beauty and wonder of industry and inventiveness of the British people.


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