London and England 1700's

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London and England 1700's

-The children were typically uneducated unless they were born into a wealthy family-Children played outside with a hoop, ball and stick to entertain themselves everyday-There was not any public schools, they were all private-The women were the ones who did all of the housework with help from the children-All of the people had to get their fresh water from the wells


-The people had to plan out their clothes in advance because they had to sheer the sheep, wash the fibers, and spin it into thread. -It could take weeks to make just one outfit-The women wore many layers because the "buffer" you looked the wealthier you were


-Everyday the men would hunt for food and bring it home to cook over an open fire. -The wealthier had fruits, vegetables, and meats-The other people ate what they could find which was typically grains and bread


-Music: theatre, dance, church and military-Less complicated and easier to understand-They could relate to their music -There were pianos, violins, fiddles, flutes, drums, trumpets, french horns, and organs-Upperclass had harpsichords and English guitars

London & England 1700's



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