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Lois Lowry

- Written over 472 books- Books varies styles-Hobbies: knitting, art, photography, and writing-4 children; Alik, Grey, Kristin, and Ben-Married Naval Officer Donald Lowry- Originally Lois Ann Hammersberg-Currently reside in Cambridge MA-First book; A Summer to Die

-Newbery Medal-Chichago Tribune Young Adult Fiction Prize-Parents Choice Gold-Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Book Award-Mark Twain Award-International Hans Christian Anderson Awards-Margaret A Edwards Award for Lifetime Contribution to Young Adult Literature-Arizona Young Reads Award-Boston Globe-Horn Book Award-Iowa Children Choice Award

Lois Lowry

-Lois Lowry was 8-9 when decided-Writing was her best subject at school-Born in middle of 3 siblings-Loved to read and begin to develop a feeling for language and for story-First book; A Summer to Die, based on her sister Helen's death-Helen died from cancer in 1962 at the age of 28


Reasons To Become an Author



Resources Used:www.biography.comwww.loislowry.com (Blog)http://www.scholastic.com

- Born on March 20, 1937- Honolulu, Hawaii-Father was Army Officer- forced to move a lot-Jr. High: Tokyo-College: University of Southern Maine, Brown University-First Book; A Summer to Die (1977) based on sister's death-Currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts- 4 children; Alik, Grey, Kristin, and Ben- Grandmother- Age 78

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