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Lois Lowry

Author of the MonthLois Lowry

Quick Facts* Born on March 20, 1937 in Honolulu, Hawaii*Published first novel in 1977:A Summer to Die For *Has four children*Graduated from University of S. Maine, *Written more than 30 children's books*1989 Newberry Metal for Number the Stars * 1993 Newberry Award for The Giver Find out more about Ms. Lowry.....CLICK HERE

Your AssignmentWrite a one page essay using the information, links, and videos on this page describing what you have learned about Lois Lowry

Just a few of her books...A Summer to Die (1977)Anastasia Series (1979)All About Sam (1988)Number the Stars (1989)The Silent Boy (2003)Like the Willow Tree (2011)

What else has she written? Click on the link below to find out......LOIS LOWRY WRITES!

Click on the link below to see an interview with Lois Lowry INTERVIEW

The Children’s Author Who Actually Listens to ChildrenVery early in the morning of Memorial Day, 1995, the children’s author Lois Lowry was awakened by a telephone call from Germany. It was still dark outside the windows of her little brick house in Cambridge, Mass., when she heard her daughter-in-law explain that Lowry’s son Grey, an Air Force flight instructor, died when his F-15 crashed on takeoff........Click on the text to read the rest of the article.

CLICK HERE for Number the Stars BOOK Trailer!

Newberry MetalWinner!!Number the Stars&The Giver



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