Loie Fuller And Her Impact On The World Of Dance

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Loie Fuller And Her Impact On The World Of Dance

First of all, Loie Fuller is unlike many other modern dance pioneers in the aspect of formal ballet training. She only grew up in the traveling shows rather than in the classical ballet schools. She grew unique with her use of costumes. For example, for her most famous dance 'Serpentine Dance', she wore long silk dresses and held bamboo sticks under the dress to create the illusion that she had wings. She also worked closely with lighting to make her butterfly-like costume more magical into a butterfly.

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Timeline of her Career

Loie Fullerand her impact on the world of danceBy Liz HallackAdvanced Dance

1862 - Born1891 - opened 'Serpentine Dance'1892 - opened 'Papillon' and 'Violet'1895 - opened 'La Danse du Feu'1928 - Death


Born in Chicago 1892, Loie Fuller grew up as a dancer in Burlesque, Vaudeville, and Circus shows. Her works were spread throughout the worlds. She also influenced many other modern dance pioneers who are just as famous nowadays. She was always intrigued by the technology used in shows and the expressive movements she learned. After a while performing she began to develop her own style of dance as she improvised with her skirts and costumes. She realized how beautiful these costumes were and began to incorporate them into the choreography. From there she experimented with the lighting and the visual technology on stage to make her dances stand out and capture the audiences even more. Today she has shows and performances that still practice her pioneering movements and dances, both in the entertainment and the modern dance world.

Her Unique Style


Click here to watch her visual magic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZcbntA4bVY


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