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Logos, Ethos, Pathos




The Target Holiday Commercial-This is Pathos because by having children going on an adventure to a Winter Wonderland they are hoping it will apeal to the watchers and have them buy the toys in the commercial that they also sell at their store.-Many people like children and with the children who may be watching the video of the other kids having fun at a place filled with toys they hope that the kids will want to go to the store aswell

Justin Bieber "Girlfriend" Fragrance-This would be Ethos because they have Justin Bieber promoting his new fragrance "Girlfriend" -They have him in the commercial acting as if he is talking to his girlfiend and they want the buyers to think that if they buy this fragrance then they may smell like Justin's "Girlfriend"

Justin Bieber Proactiv Commercial-They think that by having Justin Bieber promote this product they will have people who like Justin Bieber want clear skin like him so they will thin buying this product will help them get the skin like Justin

One Direction Pepsi Commercial-In this commercial has One Direction and Drew Brees. Because there are many girls who obsess over One Direction they know that they may have many girls wanting Pepsi because they drink it-They also have Drew Brees so many of his football fans will want the drink aswell because he drinks it

Animal Cruelty: Humane Society-This commercial is supposted to touch peoples hearts, because many people love animals and don't want to see them get hurt.-The commercial shows many different animals in a lot of pain and they are hoping to touch peoples hearts and to hopefully donate or adopt animals from the humane society

2014 Chevy Commercial-This commercial shows the bond of a girl and her dog, it shows all of the adventures in life the girl has and her dog is always by her side.-At the end they brought out the Chevy car saying "a best friend for life's journies" This is saying that like the dog the car will be good and long lasting

Verizon: Theres a Map for that-This commercial states that for any questions someone may have for Verizon they are saying "Theres a Map for That" and that they have better coverage

Colgate Total Commercial-This commercial says that the toothpaste will chemically shield your teeth from bad breath, stain, weak enamal, cavities, tatar and more.-It also says that its Clinically proven that it will do all these things for 12 hours

Colgate Optic White Commercial-This commercial is logos because it states that the whitening pen in the brush has the same chemicals that are used in the dentist office-They also say that your teeth will start to look whiter after just 2 days