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Logo Designers

Logo Designer

SALARYAnnually: $49,150Monthly: $4,096Weekly: $945Hourly: $24.58


EDUCATIONOther than having an organized portfolio of one’s work, a logo designer needs a formal education at a college or university. A degree in logo design is a rare program, so most logo designers get a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or multimedia design. Knowledge of the programs in the Adobe collection is also important in becoming an aspiring logo designer, the essentials being Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

SCHOOLSThe Art InstitutesFull Sail UniversityUniversity of TampaUniversity of MiamiUniversity of South FloridaUniversity of Florida

Logo designers create logos that represent the style and the purpose of different brands and companies. There are many steps involved to create the perfect logo and a lot of evaluation and communication with clients is important to create a final product that the client and the customers find aesthetically appealing.

OUTLOOKSome similar occupations would be graphic designer, art director, craft and fine artist, desktop publisher, drafter, industrial designer, multimedia artist and animator, printing worker, technical writer, and web developer.


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