Logan Tom Famous Olympian

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Logan Tom Famous Olympian

Logan TomFamous Olympian

The best Logan Tom

High school and personal lifeLogan Tom was born in Napa, California, to Kristine and Melvyn Tom. Her father was a defensive end for nine years in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears.[ Though she grew up with her mother and older brother Landon in salt lake city, Utah she spent her summers with her father and his relatives in Hawaii learning how to surf. She is of Chinese Hawaiian descent.

Important EventPosition: Outside HitterHeight: 6-1Weight: 170/77 KilogramsHometown: Salt Lake City, UtahCollege: StanfordBirth Date: May 25, 1981Joined Team: January 2000

when it all beganBefore discovering volleyball, Logan Tom played many other sports - soccer, baseball, basketball, softball and track. At 13, Logan first took steps onto the volleyball court.

Beatuiful form

Throw back when she was in soccer

dives for every ball

Shes # 15


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