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LLandudno Museum Romans

Kanovium is set close to the River Conwy at a strategic point between Segontium in Caernarfon and Diva in Chester. You can still make out the outline shape of the fort today.In the 1920's Mrs. Gough at Caerhun Hall wanted the site documented and PKBaillie Reyonds, a lecturer in ancient history, took on the job.Excavations begun in July 1926.The first fort on the site was built of wood and by AD200 had been completely rebuilt in stone.Traces of buildings were detected by Gwynedd Archaeological Trust using geophysics running along the side of the road into and out of the fort.

Many of the Roman items you will see in Llandudno Museum were excavated in the 1920's. They are from a Roman fort site called Kanovium in the Conwy Valley.


Look carefully at this Roman tile. You can see part of a footprint of a child. We think the child was about 6 years old.

This is a lead letter D and was probably part of an inscription of stone with lead letters.

Part of a Roman game found in the excavation in 1928.

Probably the rarest thing found was the oak palisade stake. Discovered in 1929 down the old well.

Many melon beads and others were found too.


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