Llandudno Museum Field Club

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Llandudno Museum Field Club

The Field Club was established in 1906.They wanted to preserve the natural environment, archaeology and some history of North Wales. They also went on excursions to places such as Conwy Mountain and Bryn Euryn.

Iron Age Gold Stater

Tiger cowrie shells


Shark's tooth


Collector's Corner

A little about them

Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and District Field Club

Queen Victoria's Christmas gift to her troops in the Boer War, 1900.

Elephant's tooth

The collection includes natural history items such as fossils, shells, corals, birds, birds’ eggs, butterflies and beetles and archaeological items including an Iron Age gold coin and a Neolithic axe head found on the Great Orme.The Field Club also acquired items that reflected the social history of the times including rare Boer War memorabilia and a boomerang from the wreck of the Royal Charter.


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