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Lizzy & Lucia

The Comanches name means '' Those who are always against us''

The Comanches

The Comanches name means ''those who are always against us''.

Men were hunters and women were gatherers.

The comanches moved alot and had to have tools that were easy to carry.

We lived in north Texas, east Oklahoma, southwest kansas and southwest Colorado.

They raided the apaches of their land and won the battle. They owned more horses then any American Indian tribe of that time. They could hold on to the side of a horse and shoot arrows under their neck at full speed and could shoot 20 arrows per minute.

We lived in tipis!!!

The Comanches ate buffalo,elk, black bears,antolope,deer and sometimes wild horses.


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    Wow! I learned some interesting stuff. You girls did an excellent job on this. And I love this program. Nice!