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Lizzie Doerries

The cell to the right is a plant cell. It has an outer wall called the cell wall which protects the cell, in it is the cell membrane which is like the gate keeper for the cell it lets things in and out of it. Only plant cells have the cell wall though.

This is the Nulceus and Nucleolus, they are the part that contains DNA information. The mitochondria the part of the cell that converts chemical energy into food compounds for the cell. Plant Cells have chloroplasts and mitochandria, the chloroplast takes sunlight and takes that chemical energy into food for the cell

Cell Parts

This is the Endoplasmic reticulum, It helps gets materials that are exported from the cell. This one is a rough endoplasmic reticulum. This also Contains ribosome which has the RNA and makes the protiens.

By Lizzie Dorries

Cell wall

This part is the golgi appartus, it modifies, sorts,and packages protiens.

The lysosome is the part of the cell that cleans up after it, it is basicaly the trash can of the cell.

The vacuole is the warehouse for PLANT cells, not animal cells. It stores water and other materials for later use.



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