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John S.- Langston Hughes: Grew up with his grandmother, editor of year book in hs. wrighting 1920s newspapers increased greatly, poems and stories wote more than 60 books and poems died at 65Kaylee-Robert Frost:famouse author in the 1920s never thought hed become a poet father died when he was 11 met elenor wite married her and had a baby son died from sickness creating new poems that inpaired perople made lidature an important thingMolly-Charles Sheeler Pablo Picasso:PP Artest founder of cubezium first painting when he was 9. Cs really dident like the nature he like factoriesSteven-Rocket Lie Detector: used in many science experiments to help us gain more knoladge about things helps police investigatiosKyle-Louis Armstong: Lived in the getto kind of a bad kid good jazz mushican the saints go marching in,what a wonderful life two songs he wroteMansour-Al capone:quitt middle school in 6th grade born 1899 died from a stroke on palm island making illigal beer 100.mill a year.Francesca-Dance: used to take people minds of the horror of the war, alot of the dances invented back then we still use today, called the dance craze, dancing at clubs, parties, classes, dance marathons, etc., impacted the future by creating the moves and beats that we dance todayHannah-Henery Ford:asembly line-model t His dream was to produce a car that everyone could have and use.he changed today becaue almost everyone all over the would people have and use carsCaroline-Fashion: Flapper dresses fashion keeps changing the charlestion dresses couldent go above the kneeAllie-Bessie Smith:born in 1985 lived in poverty jazz singer, wrote many songs.alcholic family problesms.died in car accident.Olivia-Herbert Hoover: president in 1920 won by alot of voted dident know how to handle great depreshion taught us what not to do with the echomine todayDavey-Scott Joplin: Musian The entertainer, maple leaf rag. Good paino player lived 1868-1917.Jack Dailey-Klu Klux Clan: Home page online regrestration to join Not afraid to hide who they are worst terroist groups in countrys istory 3 millions americans took party in the goup during the 1920s aginst wite christans.still around today people are afraid of them.Chance-Babe routh:gret baseball player influnced boys and girl today died 1948Cara- Duck ellington:Gifted paiono player started at 7 pro started at 17 band leader in wachind dc where he was born real name Edward Johnny-gangs:tommy guns brass nuckles after robbed banks had a gettaway car al caponecole prohibition 18 amendment to the constution provented perople from drinking an types of alchol drinking protests against thought of as the reason of sexual crimesLily-Ella Fitzgeraled: frew up in poverty, mom died pamous jazz singer, worte songs. reffered to as the first lady of song, worked with louis armstorong her songsSig-Fbi: stop crime and gangsterizum federal buro investigation ku klux klan another of the top 10 Cole-Prohibishion: 18 amendment made alchol illigal they thought it would put an end to crimes but it dident so they ligalized it again


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