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Liz Ehmke

Capricorn Anderson lives with one other person in a town whose population is two! When Cap’s Grandma Rain falls out of a tree and has to go to the hospital Capricorn must go to a public school for the first time in his life! With corn husk shoes, hair to his shoulders and a tie dye hair band how will this hippie ever fit in?

This is one of few books that can actually make you laugh out loud, an eighth grade hippie who devotes his life to nonviolence with a dead bird in his locker! Schooled is the realistic too, nothing that absolutely could never happen. Capricorn Anderson a hippie in middle school.

''violence is not the answere''

''who stiched your head''

All you need is love

Schooled By: Gordon Korman

Capricorn(Cap): a hippie 13 year old boy with no clue what happens around himSophie: a spoiled 16 year old girl who is forced by her mom to live with CapZach: the coolest kid in school who craves power and is out to get Cap



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