Living with Autism

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Living with Autism

Light it up blue is brought to the world by Autism Speaks. One day where famous buildings, corporations, people's homes and more, light up their land mark with a blue light; spreading the awareness for Autism. We light up our home every year.

Surfers Healing is an orgainzation that help those with special needs, many have Autism. They are given a day of possibilities and acceptance. Their camps provide many activities including surfing. We are taking my son next year for the first time.

My husband and I started a golf outing in 2004 that supported those suffering with Crohns & Colitis. For the past 3 years this event now supports people with Austim Spectrum Disorder. Facilities that have benefited are, The Center for TLC, Friends of Jacob, Autism Alliance of MI, Camp Copneconic Medical Center & Chippewa Valley Elementary Schools. These efforts help pay therapy bills, send kids to camp & build sensory rooms.

Focusing On Achievments, Not The Hardships

People Care, Inclusion Happens!

My son works hard just to be a kid. Every day we see his accomplishments.

His memory is incredible. One day he dragged me by hand to the sticker section at the store and he hasn't stopped spelling words since. If he see's a word that he likes he does not forget how it was spelled. Disney is his passion and we use it to inspire language out of him. At the bottom is a Picture Exachange Communication book I made him to start sentence building with pictures.

First time he let it be known that he noticed the snow.

First time he answered "what is your name?"

First time he imitated. What is even more special about this is his imitation was with toys engaging in pretend play. Pretend play is something he never did but has learned in therapy.

First time he made animal sounds.


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