Living in the Tundra

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Living in the Tundra







Where to Stay:During your stay, we will provide you with a nice stay in one of our luxurious glass igloos and be able to get the full experience of living like an eskimo with the type of hospitality, food, and activities as they once did.

Tundra FoodIn the tundra, you might come across some meals that you have never imagined eating before. A more common breakfast is some fresh fruits growing on some of the limited plant life in the fridgid tundra. Things like raspberries and blueberries are some of the common fruits. But, For lunch ofr dinner is where meals get really interesting. Some days you might get a slice of a reindeer, a delicate and tender meat that is definitly common in the tundra. Another uncommon one is polar bear, which is something you either love or hate. Its meat is course, so it fills you up very quick. All of the meals that you will eat are quite rare in different parts of the world.

ActivitiesOne of the amazing experiences in the tundra is tto ice skate. The great part about ice skating in the tundra is that you can do it all year round! Since there is so mucnh permafrost in the area, ice skating is one of the most popular activities in the tundra.

What To Bring:The tundra has an extremely cold climate, so you will need to pack heavy stuff. Something that is ovbious to bring is a heavy winter jacket. Also, bring pants, and more than one. The average temperature is about 10- 17 degrees Farenheit, even in the Summer. Bring long sleeve shirts, gloves, a hat, scarves, and warm winter boots. Without this, you might freeze! Bring an extra blanket, and I would suggest a sleep mask. In the summer, the days can be around 20 hours, so if you are planning on sleeping, bring a mask so you won't be bothered by the sun.

Living in the Tundra

Animals To Look Out For:Many animals that are seen in the tundra are not seen anywhere else in the world because the climate is too warm for them. Some of these animals include polar bears and penguins, which are some of my favorite animals in the tundra. Typically, you will not see only one of these animals when you find them. They all mainly travel together, so if you see one you are pretty much garunteed to se more of that species.That's another one of the cool things about the tundra. You won't see an animal just once.


Plant Power:There is only a small amount of plants that can withstand the tundra. Many have to grow through the water of permafrost, which is hard to obtain since it is frozen. One of the most striking plants to the eye is the arctic bearberry, a bright red, leafy plant. Another one of myfavorites is aarctic moss, which looks like a huge snowflake. Both of these plants and many more are common in the tundra, so you never know what you will end up seeing.


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