Living and Working in Thailand

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Living and Working in Thailand

Safety Concerns

- Pop: 67 million- Religion: Buddhist - Language: Thai- Climate: Tropical (hot and humid)- World renowned tourism (beaches, temples, wildlife, markets)

Living and Working in-Thailand-

General Information

- Rent: $200-300- Utilities: $75-150- Food: $100-200- Transportation: $15-25- Internet: $25- Miscellaneous: $100-150Total: $515-850- Average teacher salary: $1300-1700Savings: $785-850

- Generally safe; avoid Cambodian border and some southern provinces- Vaccines: - Hepatitis A & B - Typhoid - Japanese Encephalitis - Rabies - MMR - Tetanus

- British Columbia International School, Bangkok (left) Lertlah School, 3 campuses (above)

Government (public), Private and International Schools available

Visa and Work Permits

- Visa Non-immigrant Status "B"- Cost $70 (single entry), $180 (multiple entry)- Work permit legally requiredFind out more here:

Find job postings here:

Cost of Living (CAD/month)


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