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Human Anatomy

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Liver Donation

Liver DonationBy: Michael Pham

Cool Facts

Sign up/ Matching Process

Why Donate?

Basic Functions

1.) You could save save up to 8 lives through organ donation2.) Anyone,regardless of age or medical history can sign up to be a donor. 3.) Most major religions support organ donation.

The human liver processes nutrients from food, makes bile, removes toxins from the body and builds proteins. Without this specific organ the body could not function.

1.) Human liver is a stockpile of Iron!2.) Human liver is like a battery, it stores sugar for when your body needs it! 3.) Human liver strains of toxic!!

The donation process begins once people indicate their consent to be a donor in their state's donor registry. Matching donors with recipients is regulated through the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network. A donor will match based off of their blood type, tissue type, height, and weight. The severity of the patient's illness and location are also factors.

Liver preservation is 12-15 hours after it has been taken out of the donor.

Process of removing and transplanting

Liver Perservation


Donor taken to operating room where tissues and organs are recovered in the same sterile way as in any surgery. The patient is then sown up and not showing any interference with open-casket. The organ is then maintainted to artificial support while being transported to the recipient. Surgucal teams work around the clock as needed to safely and securingly transplant the new organ.

Recipients living 5 years after their liver transplant is nearly 74.3% from deceased donors and 81.3% from living donors. Recipients waiting for their organs can take up to 321 days on average depending on the severity of the patient. Admin. DOV: 9/10/ 9/10/ DOV: 9/10/15

Brain death consists of three essential findings such as irreversible and unrresponsive coma, abscence of stem reflexes, and apnea. The difference between brain death and death is that brain death is the inactivness of the brain where as death is the inactiveness of the whole body itself.


Brain Death?


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