Liver Cancer

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Liver Cancer

Definition: Liver cancer is a cancer in the liver that is found in any animal with the organ. It is usually caused by blood flow blockages, the organ handling too much chemicals, or cell disorders. The liver malfunctions as a result and affects other organs. The liver comes in 4 stages; stage 1 being the beginning of liver cancer and stage 4 being the most serious stage of liver cancer.

Facts: Liver cancer, one of the quickest rising cancers in Canada, forms in men more often than women. The incidence of liver cancer grows with our age, therefor older-aged people (and animals) have this cancer more than younger-aged people. The average age of a human with liver cancer is 60 years.

Causes: Cirrhosis, the scarring of the liver, is one major cause of liver cancer. It occurs when scar tissues replace healthy liver tissues which stops flowing blood in the liver, causing it to malfunction. Hepatitis is another cause of cancer and is from sharing infected blood through blood transfusions, skin punctures, etc. Obesity can cause the liver to become full of unhealthy fats that will stop the blood flow inside it. Too much alcohol and drugs can form an imbalance of chemicals by interrupting the normal, functioning liver. Sometimes, genetics can cause deformities inside the liver.

Liver Cancer

Applications: Liver cancer is found within the liver. The sickness usually occurs in a 60 year old, although it can happen to anybody at any age. The sickness may occur from too much alcohol, hepatitis, cirrhosis and other causes.

Image on the left is from . It is a model of the outisde of a healthy liver and a cirrhosis-infected liver.

Effects: Jaundice (yellowing skin and whites of the eye), fever, tiredness, nausea, abdominal and shoulder blade pain (on the side your liver is), confusion, dark urine, weight loss, appetite loss and internal bleeding are some of the many symptoms from liver cancer and liver diseases. These signs may show up at any age and any stage of liver cancer.

Cures and prevention: Liver cancer can sometimes be prevented. Drinking an appropriate amount of alcohol or drinking no alcohol can prevent liver cancer. Eating healthy, puncturing the skin with clean, disinfected instruments such as needles, etc may also prevent liver cancer. If you have cirrhosis or deformities already forming in the liver. you may have to have surgury or a transplant to remove it. Using or consuming certain medical drugs from a doctor or nurse or nutritional support may slow down the cancer.

Stage 1 of liver cancer is the beginning of liver cancer. One section out of four of the liver is infected with the cancer. Stage 2 of liver cancer happens when one or two out of the four parts have cancer.

4 images in the centre of the glog are from . They are diagrams of the 4 stages of liver cancer

Stage 3 of liver cancer is when three of the four parts of the liver has cancer, or when two parts have cancer and the parts next to them do not. Stage 4 of liver cancer is when all of the sections of the liver has the cancer.


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