LiveBinders & EdCanvas Updates

by lpruyne
Last updated 6 years ago

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LiveBinders & EdCanvas Updates

LiveBinders has a new look for their edit feature - more streamlined and easier to use!

Check out these exciting Updates!

LiveBinders and EdCanvas - Revised!

EdCanvasThis is fast becoming one of our favorite programs, as they keep adding features that make it easier for students and more helpful for teachers! We're finding that this is very intuitive for kids - they're off and running with it before we even finish demo-ing the program. The latest new feature is a quiz feature - you (and students) can create quizzes right within a box on the canvas. Even better - the site will grade and analyze the results of the quiz - you can see how students performed individually, and with a question-by-question breakdown.

There have been some big changes and additions to two programs that have been featured on the WWW this year. Since we know many people are using them, instead of a exploring a new resource this week (when everyone is busy anyway!), we wanted to let you know about these changes.

1 - EdCanvas has a quiz feature 2 - LiveBinders has a new look!

EdCanvas has a new quiz feature - great for easy, quick formative assessments!

Use the EdCanvas Quiz Feature to:1 - Quickly check for understanding2 - Create follow-along questions for a video, document or activity placed in the EdCanvas3 - Apply text-based questions to a piece of informational text4 - Include a procedural video in the EdCanvas, and use the quiz to check understanding of the procedure.This would be a great resource for a Flipped Classroom!

Updated tutorials for using LiveBinder to create your Professional Portfolio are available on the "WWW - LiveBinders & EdCanvas updates" page of our tech wiki at

Video: View quiz results in EdCanvas

Video: Create a quiz in EdCanvas

Instead of being located in a moveable big yellow box that hides your workspace, LiveBinder's edit functions are now housed in a permanant gray toolbar on the top left of the screen. Everything functions the same - just the organization and access are different..



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